Monday, September 10, 2007

When life throws you lemons

Do you make lemonade? do you do as Dr. Drakken does, "I complain about the lemons."? (Dr. Drakken is from Kim Possible, a cartoon on Disney in case you were wondering).

Like a lot of authors, it seems to be going around, I'm on a deadline. It's looooooming.

Needless to say I have reasons for why I'm not done yet. They start at my youngest (her tonsils came out a couple of weeks ago), rear to my oldest (she was bored during the imposed resttime of the tonsils), to my hubby (who wanted to talk new cars last night. *sigh* I so wasn't in the mood but the deal only lasts for a while). It's very hard to write a smoking sex scene with a kidlet sitting at the kitchen table with you.

I've found myself taking little bits of time to write, which isn't something I usually do. Have five minutes, I type out a paragraph. Usually I'm much better when I have blocks of time to write because the muse needs that.

But I've been taking my lemons any way I can get them. I'm trying to read back through the story to edit and look for typos and things that aren't clear. And I'm finding some lemonade in the pages. Yeah, there's some things that need more sugar. But the potential is there.

Mechele Armstrong aka Lany of Melany Logen


Karen McCullough said...

Grin! I make lemonade, but I generally pour out a little
w(h)ine with it.

Karen McCullough

N.J.Walters said...

It's hard to carve out writing time with a family. I admire the fact that you work around it and use what time you have. You can always add a little more sugar later. The main thing is to make the lemonade. *g*