Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ah, the drama, the excitement, the kerfluffle!

Kerfuffle has become one of my favorite words lately because it just sums up the nonsense swirling around RWA, Harlequin, Harlequin Ho (their "Horizon" brand) and publishing in general.

Brief summary: Harlequin decided to create a vanity 'arm' (HarHo), RWA & other professional writing organizations slapped 'em for it, Har is now whining and authors are in angst.

I think this fuss has perhaps finally driven home some of the realities of the marketplace -- publishing is a losing business. Publishing can't continue under the old consignment model. It's a lose-lose for all involved. Har came up with a new model for one of its branches, one that will probably make money hand over fist. Gee, I wonder if they'll do whatever they have to do to keep it and satisfy the professional groups?

I agree with RWA that authors should be making money. I disagree about the 'an advance means you're a professional' but I am glad they took a stand on this. It proved they are willing to follow their own rules, something that frankly, I wasn't sure they'd do.

What does this mean for authors? Not sure yet. How abour readers? They probably won't notice -- HarHo books will not be shelved, so unless they're sought out, they can't be found.

I think the most profound impact will be on the hidebound organizations such as MWA, SFWA, and RWA. This has to make them rethink some of their core values because I firmly believe other publishing houses are going to take this route at some point.

Interesting times ahead....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Want to Win a Print Book?


By The Book is now available in print. To celebrate, I’m giving away two PRINT copies. To find out how to enter for a chance to win, go to my website and click on the “contest” page for details.


Amanda Barrington has moved to Jamesville to start a new life, but someone in this quiet town is trying to kill her.

Former soldier, Jonah Sutter, has returned home to help his sister pick up the pieces of her life. Sparks fly when he and Amanda meet.

He takes on the job of fixing the wiring in her house and ends up protecting her from her stalker. When Amanda is attacked again, all bets are off. And Jonah is no longer playing By The Book.

Drawing takes place on November 30th!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A newlywed phase

I'm in the creating process of a new Settler's Mine story. The hero is someone I've met before. But didn't delve too into his character when last we met. Now, I get to disover everything about him.

The heroine is new to me. I'm still trying to discover what makes her tick.

It's definitely the honeymoon phase. I'm talking gently to them. LOL.

Mechele Armstrong

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Have Mercy Needs Your Vote!

Have Mercy is up for Book of the Month at Dark Diva Reviews. Readers have one week to vote for their favorite book. Please stop by Dark Diva Reviews and vote! You can vote until November 7th.