Saturday, February 21, 2009

And more purdy covers ....

Yeah, I know -- mine don't have nekkid people. But I still love it! Here's where it's available in download. And here's where it's available in print.

The cover has all the elements of the book: the sandy beach, the rope used to kill the male model, the glass of wine (from the bottle that almost killed the heroine), the feral cat found on the beach.

When I put in a cover request, I always say "no people, especially no naked people." I don't write R-rated books. Mine are what I call "sexy cozy" mysteries, or, as my tag line says, "Mystery with a touch of romance; romance with a touch of gray."

This book is the second in my Fatal Writers' Conference series and takes place at ClueCon, a fictional mystery conference I created. It's loosely based on a combination of RT and Sleuthfest -- and I mean LOOSE. ClueCon is all about the Clue board game, so the writing awards are the Miss Scarlett (best erotic mystery), the Professor Plum, etc.

I had such a blast devising this conference and all that goes with it, not to mention having a blast killing off a publisher, an author and a few other folks. You see, that's why I like to write mysteries. I get to do in anybody who annoys me.

My list is long and I plan to keep writing for a long, long time....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New release and new cover goodness

*points left* See my new cover. Isn't it lovely?

I adore April Martinez. She's such a fantastic artist.

I'm really excited about I HEART THAT CITY: Body Shots, which is a part of a multi-author series and released yesterday from Loose Id.


Joe and Daphne go to I Heart That City every Thursday night to celebrate being together one more week. They almost lost their marriage and themselves to a former lover, who only wanted Daphne.

When Amos sees the happy couple, he knows he must capture them on film. Only he really wants to capture them for himself. Inviting them to let him take pictures only makes his longing more intense. And he's not the only one feeling the sexual spark. Joe and Daphne find themselves attracted to the man who seems to find both of them desirable.

One problem: they've taken a break from threesomes. When they decide to try and see where things go, passions explode with body shots on camera, and on Daphne and Joe with tequila. But Daphne's past has her in its sights and it could ruin everything.

Mechele Armstrong aka Lany of Melany Logen

Valentine's Read!

If you're in the mood for love this Valentine's Day, check out my Ellora's Cave Quickie, Anastasia’s Style.


Anastasia Style, owner of Hassle-free Holidays, is having anything but a hassle-free Valentine's Day. Her normally reliable car has a flat and she has a delivery to make for a last minute, lucrative client. And if that wasn't enough to make a woman crazy, she still has to make it to her lawyer's office in time to sign her divorce papers.

She just has to set the stage for her client's romantic evening and then she's off to her lawyer's office to officially end her marriage to Mason Style. Except her client has other ideas about how Anastasia will be spending her evening, and he has no intention of ever letting her go.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Friday the 13th

No, not the horror movie :).

My kidlets realized that this Friday is Friday the 13th. They both went "Ahhhhhh! It's unlucky."

Now it started me thinking. Where does this come from?

Neither of them is old enough to know or have seen the horror movie of the same name.

I will say, I'm a superstitious person. I knock on wood, think things come in threes, blah blah. The hubby laughs at me.

But I can't remember ever having bad luck on a Friday the 13th or being particularly upset about it coming.

I started researching Friday the 13th to see if I could find the origin of the thinking and there is some dissension as to when the idea started that it's bad luck and also why. Some says it's a recent thing. Others credit the arrest of the Knights Templar on a Friday the 13th. Others say oral tradition had 12 as complete, while 13 was irregular, and Friday was bad luck. So blend the two, and you have the start of a superstition. Others credit the Norse.

Honestly, I've had more bad luck on Valentine's Day than any other day *blinks*I can think of. Someone is usually sick (stomach flu on year, ear infections one year and more) or gets terribly hurt (the youngest kidlet fractured both wrists on Feb 14th when she was 4).

What do you all think of Friday the 13th? Myth or reality? Why? And do you have another bad luck day?

Mechele Armstrong aka Lany of Melany Logen

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Book Signing at the Glendale Chocolate Affaire

This will be my third day out at the annual Glendale Chocolate Affaire in Glendale, Arizona.

For those of you who have never heard of the Chocolate Affaire - you're missing out! It's a huge annual event with crafts, bands, horse drawn carriage rides, tours of the Ceretta Chocolate Factory, chocolate covered everything (cream puffs, key lime pie, cheesecake, twinkies, cookies, marshmallows, rice crispy treats, bananas, strawberries etc, etc, etc) not to mention fudge, enough other food to compete with any fair, home made rootbeer and much more. But, of course, my favorite part is that we are also billed as the Southwest's largest gathering of romance writers. (Sounds like migrating geese, doesn't it? lol)

Anyway, I've been signing all weekend along with tons of other authors and I give a workshop today on Plotting: The Right Way, The Wrong Way & What Works For You and then more signing! :)

If you're anywhere near the Glendale area, come on out and say hi!