Saturday, July 16, 2011

Checking in!

I've had a busy spring and thus I have been absent. What's been going on?

  1. We're moving. We bought a new house 250 miles away. I'm able to telecommute with my current job (which I love), so we decided to move (long story best told over a drink in a bar).
  2. We sold our current house. Didn't have to put it on the market. Long story best told over ... you get the idea.
  3. I self-published 3 books from my backlist, that were returned to me. Check out my progress here. I also have books on Smashwords and one in print. That has kept me busy.
  4. I had 3 books release in the last 4 months. Check the Deadly Landscape Romances here.
  5. An older book finally came out in print. Woo!
  6. I work full-time and have had major deadlines in the Day Job.
  7. My health has been shaky for the last year or so. It got very shaky this year. I'm stable now but it's been an interesting trip through Medical Land.
And, of course, I'm still writing -- I have 2 books ready to self-publish, I have one in progress, I have one to edit and get ready.

So I'm sorry I haven't been here as often as I would like, but hey -- I've got an excuse! And I apologize in advance if you comment and I don't reply. I have no idea when my Internet service will be viable again.

I hope to get back to regular postings once the dust settles in the new house. Until then -- have a happy summer and keep on reading (and writing!)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New in PRINT!

Isaiah's Haven is available in PRINT today from Samhain Publishing!


Isaiah Striker puts family first, the pack a distant second. Which is precisely the reason he’s in noisy, crowded Chicago instead of alone in his beloved woods. One look at the owner of Haven nightclub, however, and a simple favor for his brother turns into something else entirely.

Meredith Cross holds her small pack together with sheer determination. After years on the run, they hide in the glare of the city’s nightlife. Isaiah may heat her blood, but she can’t afford to risk the lives of the outcast half-breeds in her care. Once exposed, every bounty hunter and werewolf purist in smelling distance will hunt them down.

But when their sexual attraction spirals out of control, a moment’s distraction is all it takes to lead danger right to Meredith’s door. For Meredith there’s only one choice: her pack.

But Isaiah knows his mate when he sees her. And he’s not giving up without a fight.