Thursday, September 20, 2007

New release day!

My paranormal time-travel book, Forgiveness, releases today.

It's a reincarnation love story with a time travel twist. James Benteen and Penelope Albright were lovers in 1876 America. But James caused Penelope's death. When he died (just moments after her) God offered him a choice: do penance for his sin or be reborn with no knowledge of Penelope and his love.

James chose penance, and in 2186 he's reborn as Jim, a dog who's also a shapeshifting human. He's paired with Penelope, who is a Guide with the History Patrol, an organization that sends people back through time to observe history and to retrieve tourists who used God's Portal (created in 2145) as a recreational device.

Each Guide is accompanied by a telepathic Companion, a shapeshifter who guards and aids them. Only Companions know the whole truth about the Patrol — that the Companion and Guide are reincarnations of two lovers, one of whom betrayed the other. Companions cannot be seen in human form until they can forgive the one who betrayed them in a former life or until they are freely forgiven by the one they betrayed.

The Guides are unaware that they have a previous-life connection to their Companion. As far as they know, their assignment is straightforward: find the Tourists, bring 'em home. Their Companion is there to help, give advice, and monitor until that moment of revelation when penance has been served and forgiveness must be given — or withheld.

In a way, it's God's way of giving people a do-over. Sometimes the do-over is positive, and sometimes ... well, don't let it be said that God doesn't have a sense of humor.

I wanted to do a book that was different, something that would be challenging for me to write and for readers -- well, I wanted something a reader could sink his or her teeth into and enjoy.

I hope I've done it....

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