Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Getaway

I'll be offline for a while, just me, my laptop, my Kindle, and a small town where the sidewalks roll up at 5 on Saturday and the only stores open on Sunday are the Yard & Feed and the local 'department store' (don't ask what departments they have. You'd be surprised). Even the 'downtown' Dollar Store is closed on Sunday although 'the one out on the highway' is open in the afternoon. No WiFI and no chain stores, just the Java Bean Cafe and the Palace Theater (which gets surprisingly good films very quickly). The town was the inspiration for the setting of my upcoming book (obligatory cover art here), which releases at the end of February. I'll be back to hype that book when the time comes.

I need a rejuevnating Veg-Out because I had a bit of a blow-up with a critique partner and I'm not sure how our relationship will pan out. We're still in the tentative stages of 'hmm, where are we?' It's bothersome because we've been together quite a while, but our friendship has hit a rocky patch and I'm not sure where it'll end up. So a getaway feels like a great idea right about now, especially one where I am forced to be {relatively} idle.

I expect to return rested, refreshed, and with new plots for new books. An 8-hour drive gives me plenty of time to think and that Feed Store has a lot of interesting implements to use for murder weapons. Hmm....


Estella said...

I hope you and your critique partner are able to patch things up.

N.J.Walters said...

Enjoy your rejuvenating Veg-out. Hope you and your critique partner can work things out.