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Meet the characters of CLANDESTINE!

Happy July 4th. everyone!

Since this is promo day I'm jumpin' right on here while everyone else is eatin' grilled burgers and hot dogs. I've already had mine and we're about ready to take in a movie. At the end of June I had a new release out called CLANDESTINE, which is another book in my Special Investigations Agency series (SIA). I thought I'd give you a blurb and a snippet of an excerpt just to wet your appetite. :)

Clandestine (adj.) Concealed, usually for some secret or illicit purpose.

Dorcas "Dorky" Shannigan has spent most of her unique life closed off from others. A secret keeps her from showing her face to the world, including Grey O'Toole, an operative who stirs her blood with only the sound of his husky voice. Enclosed in her underground library, she keeps agents informed about evil paranormal forces. But part of her aches to connect more closely with the other agents, although to do so would shatter their understanding of the natural world and possibly put them in peril.

Grey O'Toole loves the silky, seductive sound of Dorky's voice, and many years of chatting with the elusive woman has driven him to the edge of his tolerance. He savors the opportunity to finally meet the woman who has fueled a thousand of his fantasies. One night his dream comes true, and she must ask him for help. For a prehistoric malevolence has found her after years of searching and will stop at nothing to destroy her.
And now, an excerpt just for you.

As the wall to Dorky’s office dematerialized and Grey stood in the opening, her mouth fell open in complete astonishment. Her heart thumped anxiously in her chest and her blood raced in her veins. Grey stood in front of her, alive and kicking.

She knew what he looked like, but faced with the real man, her heart and body reacted with soul-searing attraction. Experiencing the full force of six-foot three-inches of bristling, ready-to-kick-serious-ass male sent her into a strange fright.

May all the gods and goddesses help me.

Without a doubt, she had never seen a more intriguing, gorgeous man in her life. Considering how many men she’d seen, that said quite a bit.

He dragged a hand through his burnished dark copper hair, the tousled, collar-length strands shiny, wavy and thick. Strands fell over his forehead. His Roman nose was classically shaped, his jawline a rugged cut. His skin didn’t have the typical pale hue of a redhead. He’d managed to maintain a light tan from his frequent jaunts to hotter climates, or perhaps his ancestry was more than Irish. His body held the bristling, tight masculinity of a highly conditioned man. Broad shoulders and arms filled his navy shirt to perfection. One shirtsleeve was torn at the shoulder and the open throat of the shirt arrowed down all the way to his belly. Her attention pinpointed his chest and the generous sprinkling of russet hair over muscled pectorals and a six-pack stomach. Female appreciation darted deep into her belly and she licked her lips.
His pewter and dusk gaze, shadowed by thick russet brows, captured hers and held it.

Fire brimmed in those eyes, mixed with purpose and irritation. “Dorky?”

His husky voice, so familiar, sent curls of answering excitement all along her body. Almost afraid to answer, she opened her mouth and nothing came out.

He frowned and stalked toward her. The open area behind him rematerialized into solid matter. He swung around to look and when he turned back to look at her, his glower remained.
Her heart felt like it might pound out of her chest. She took one step back. Two. “I didn’t know you were out there. Then I heard a commotion and I opened the…the door.”

She continued retreating until she bumped into a desk behind her. When Grey stood less then a foot from her, he stopped. His heat seemed to sear into her, making her even more aware of his masculine energy. At five-foot eight-inches tall, she rarely felt intimidated by a man’s height. His presence managed to alarm her in a completely new way.

“You’ve got to be Dorky,” he said, his voice amazingly soft considering the ire in his expression. Then his voice went deeper and huskier. “You’re as beautiful as I imagined.”

A flash fire ignited inside her. Ages had passed since an attractive male had been this close to her, much less complimented her. Dorky’s body went on overload. Her breasts prickled with heat. In her belly, an answering tug sent new waves of incredible attraction moving inside her.

“Thank you,” she said, a little bewildered.

He looked down at her, weighty emotion flashing in those incredible eyes. Her breathing quickened as his body heat warmed her. The man was danger on two legs, an exceedingly difficult person to ignore. His lips parted, his chest heaved in and out with one deep breath. For a second she thought he would follow through on his earlier threat to kiss her. She expected it. Had imagined it many days and many nights over the years.

She craved it.

Hope you enjoyed the snippet! You can get your own copy of this novel at Ellora's Cave

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Until next time, live, love and dream.

Denise A. Agnew


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I like this snippet! It sounds great!

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Congrats on the release of Clandestine, Denise!

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Thanks Kim! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

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Denise A. Agnew said...

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