Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The cowboys are coming, the cowboys are coming

Finally, after hiding behind those corral fences and mixing it up in the barns, the cowboys of White Tail, Texas willl be making their appearances. First up is Ryan Cutter, hero of Love with a Proper Rancher. Watch for the print edition coing in august. When Paieg Cavanaugh runs out on a wedding gone bad and ends up in a tiny West texas town, the first eprsobn she emets is gorgeous, sexy Ryan Cutter, and they can't stand the sight of each other. But love and hate are two asides of teh same coin, and with a lotta hot sex thrown in, Paige and Ryan are soon making incendiary music together. Until,. that is, the evil jilted fiance shows up determined to make as much trouble as possible.

The comes Morgan Cutter, White Tail's chief of police, refugee from a bad marriage and determined never to fall prey to a woman again. Until he meet's his sister-in-law's best friend, Allison Moore, and skyrockets go off between the two of them. But they have a lot of roadblocks to get through before this story ahs a happy ending, including Allie's job in "the city," Morgan's ex-wife and the stupidest thugs this side of the moon.

And then there's sexy Tate Donovan, hero of One Hot Texas Night. He's locked in battle over opwnership of The Yellow Rose, one of the biggest ranches in West Texas, with Abby Culhane, his stepsister. King Donovan's will is pretty ironclad no matter how hard the two principals try to break it. But while they fight over who owns what, the temprature between them heats up, until it explodes One Hot Texas Night.

Watch for the release dates.

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Casie Ryan said...

Congrats Judith on finding a new home for these :)