Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A new release -- in more ways than one

My Triskelion book released last Friday -- yippeee!!

I was never officially caught up in the mess since my name never appeared on any documents, but I was holding my breath during the whole litigation process, expecting to be told, 'uh, no, you're involved, PULL that book from your publisher.'

But it didn't happen and I'm happy to say the Pig Book is out -- so called because a pig kicks off the story by digging up a body under a rose bush.

This is the second book I wrote in 1st person and the words just jumped off my pen. It took me about 5 weeks to write and I haven't had to do any major edits to it (and two editors saw it, one from each publishing house). That was when I knew 1st person was 'my voice'. I do 3rd person well, but first is so easy for me.

Anyway -- The Book is Released! Yea! Here's the blurb:

When JT McCord jilted Molly Lawford she survived and moved on to marry twice. But her first husband died and her second husband ran off with a hairdresser. Molly gave up on romance and settled down in Tangle Butte, Minnesota, as a small town reporter.

Now JT is back in town as the Chief of Police. His first official act is to investigate how Molly's thought-to-be-vanished husband turned up buried next to the septic tank in Molly's back yard, dug up by a neighbor's pig.

Molly sets out to solve that mystery with the help of Mr. Sex's Ladies (her book group), her newspaper editor, her Tarot reader and her color-sorted M&Ms. If she can survive a couple of attempts on her life she might find the love of her life—all because of a pig and some plumbing.

Here's a link to an excerpt:

And here's that all-important Buy link: The Pig Book

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Mechele Armstrong said...

Congrats. I'm glad you were able to come out of that mess and have your book.