Monday, March 31, 2008

April Showers?

First, just squeeing because SERATI'S FLAME, Vampire Council of Ethics Book 2 is available for pre-order from Barnes and Noble, and - though not sure how long Amazon is going to play nice (keep reading and you'll see what I mean).

As for the April showers, it's more like April snow storms! This weekend, the weather shifted from beautiful clear skies and 68 degrees to snow twice in the last two days.

Light and sunny one day. Snowy, cloudy and frickin' cold the next. Hmmm. Kind of sounds like some of the things going on in the publishing world.

Have you all heard about what Amazon may be doing (the entire Writer's Weekly article is here)? It's not nailed down yet, but rumor has it that Amazon is pulling down Buy links for books that aren't printed by them. What does that mean? It means, for example, if my publishers don't agree to let Amazon be the printer of my books, the books may appear on the Amazon site...but there would be no Buy links to actually purchase the book.

At first I couldn't believe that Amazon might try to pull something like this. Then I stepped back and started taking a look at life in general. You know, like what I did to get my hands on books BEFORE there was ever an Amazon. I walked my big ass down to the local Barnes and Noble and purchased the book I wanted.

Now, with all the modern conveniences available, I find that I'm just damned lazy. Before I had a cell phone and e-mail, I didn't work at home and I didn't work weekends. But these days, I ALWAYS work at home, and I ALWAYS work weekends. And I'm not just talking about writing, but my day job as well.

Before cable, I hardly ever watched TV, except to check the local forecast and determine whether to wear a sweater or not. Now, the TV is on all the time.

Before the internet, I never played games or spent alot of time sitting in one spot. I was on a walk, or on my bike or at the gym. Now, I sit down with my computer in my lap, my cell phone next to me, and just sit, sit, sit, sit, sit while I type.

So the power play with Amazon really got me to thinking - it might not be such a bad thing if Amazon's actions force me out of the house!

Do you care one way or another if the books you want are not available through Amazon? I'm thinking it would just make me buy them somewhere else. And that's not looking like such a bad thing from where I sit...and sit, and sit. ROFL!~

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Anonymous said...

TJ - The move by Amazon won't affect your book or books by Ellora's Cave and other e-publishers that use Amazon Advantage.

I had someone admonish me because I'm not boycotting Amazon and not showing any solidarity and whatnot...then this person went on to explain how Amazon's POD service rips off authors more than Lulu. I did some checking and Amazon is actually the BETTER choice for self-published print authors.

Sheesh. I wish the guy had checked his facts before babbling.