Monday, March 3, 2008

Just over a week to my next release, Charming the Masters

Holy cow, this one has snuck up on me. Normally when I have a release date approaching, I’m counting down the days for weeks in advance. Somehow the upcoming release date for the “Jewels” series Quickie, Charming the Masters, flew under my radar until a couple of days ago.

Even though this will be my fourteenth release from Ellora’s Cave, the excitement, the thrill of it never wears off. It hasn’t this time either. It’s just that I’ve been so buy the past few weeks that I’ve barely had time to keep up.

I just saw the cover for Charming the Masters for the first time this past week. It’s a series cover so it’s not particularly unique and it doesn’t really fit my story, but still, I like it! And when I saw it on the “Coming Soon” page, it suddenly brought home to me that release day isn’t far away.

Recently I’ve seen discussion on some lists about the elements in a story that should be highlighted to warm readers who might not like that sort of thing. So I’m letting readers know here that Charming the Masters includes bondage, spanking, MFM ménage, toys of various sorts, food used in sensuous ways, and a magical piece of jewelry.

Here’s the blurb for Charming the Masters:

The jeweled amulet Lindy wears to the club’s Halloween party is imbued with a love charm to make her irresistible to men. Shy Lindy needs some magic to snare the masterful man she wants. After seeing business acquaintance Rick Lowery do a demonstration of sensual flogging techniques, she’s convinced he’s the one. Rick does respond to her, but so does his friend, Kyle Harrison. It will take all her courage to handle both of them, but she's eager for a night to remember. Lindy figures that's all she's likely to get after she confesses to them what she’s done.

I’ll post an excerpt on Wednesday. If I can get that organized.

-- Katherine Kingston


Cathy said...

Like the blurb for this one, Katherine and will check back to read the excerpt.

Katherine Kingston said...

Thanks, Cathy! I just wrote a note to myself on my calendar as a reminder.