Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thirteen Reasons for the Attraction between Tall Men and Short Petite Women

Thirteen Reasons for the Attraction between Tall Men and Short Petite Women
unscientifically compiled by Ann Bruce

Since high school, every guy I dated is six feet and over. The tallest is six-four. I'm five-foot-nothing. It was an interesting eleven months with six-four.

Anyway, I noticed that a lot of short (actually, we prefer the term “petite”) women date tall men. Now, is this because the average height of North American men increased? Or is it more psychological?

Well, after a few glasses of wine, my significant other, who's six-two (he's says I left out a half inch, but I think he made it up) and will henceforth be referred to as “the SO,” and I got on this topic and came up with the following thirteen reasons why we're together.

  1. 1. Kitchen counters are not made for tall people. The SO says that it hurts his back to bend over the counter to prepare food. That's where I come in handy. Or so he claims.

  2. With the SO around, I no longer require a step stool because he can reach everything in the top cabinets and the top of my bookshelves with a Swiffer. He's also useful in that regard in grocery stores.

  3. When *ahem* I have overindulged, he can easily carry me home. Or at least to his car. Or piggyback me, as has happened on one occasion.

  4. I've always wanted to be four inches taller (without the aid of high heels) and he's always wanted to be three inches shorter. We figure any future offspring from our combined DNA will be the ideal height.

  5. When we fly together, even the seats in economy class are quite roomy for me (my feet don't touch the floor when I'm sitting unless I point my toes). The SO is not so fortunate. Luckily for him, I allow him to stow his carryon underneath the seat in front of me so he can stretch out those long legs underneath the seat in front of him.

  6. He travels light; I don't understand the concept. Good thing he’s okay with lugging my suitcases around as well as his.

  7. I remember going to shopping malls and grocery stores with my parents when I was younger. I inevitably got separated from them. My parents are short people and, thus, are hard to find in a crowd. I don't have the same problem with the SO.

  8. I occasionally get hit on by other guys when we socialize. I discourage wannabe-Lotharios by pointing out the SO, who looks suitably intimidating without having to try too hard. When I get hit on by women, however, the SO's not as helpful. When will he ever understand that I've been there, done that, and I’m never drinking that much again?

  9. When I get cold and there's not a jacket or blanket handy, I use him as my portable heater. He holds me and, not only does his body heat keep me warm, his tall frame blocks any wind coming my way.

  10. With him, I don’t have to push my way through a crowd. He can cut a path through a crowd better than I ever will. It's like the parting of the Red Sea.

  11. We are an endless source of amusement for our friends. One saw us standing together one day and commented that I didn't need to bend down very far if the SO and I ever get bored and need a...distraction. The SO was amused; me, not so much.

  12. There are couples who share clothes and think it’s cute when it’s actually kind of creepy because they end up looking like siblings. The SO and I will never enter that murky territory because he can’t even get one of my T-shirts over his head and I swim in his.

  13. And, well, there's oh-so-obvious benefit of tall men dating petite women, but there's no need for me to spell it out.

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Jenny McB said...

I was kind of talking about this phenomena tonight with some friends. I am tall and all the tall guys in high school had short girlfriends, not that I am picky, but short guys in hs were intimidated by tall girls...not so later on though.

I am envious of you and airplanes, all my height is in my legs and I am never comfortable. Cute list!

Anonymous said...

Jenny - I bet your legs are killer in a dress, though.

Carolan Ivey said...

LOL! One of my favorite couples is Brigitte and Tom, from our former home town. I'm 5-2 and Brigitte barely reaches my chin. Tom is a towering 6-6. They are the most adorable couple I know. :)

When I went in to see an orthopedic surgeon about getting my hips replaced, I asked him if he could make me 4 inches taller! He said no, but maybe he could get me an inch. He made good on that promise - I'm now 5-3. :)

Nicholas said...

I'm 6'2" myself and I find long plane rides very uncomfortable unless I can get an asile seat. One day I'll fly nothing but first class (sigh)!

Gattina said...

Hahaha, that would exactly fit on my son and his "wife" ! He is 6.6 and her head just reaches his shoulder !

Kailani said...

I'm 5'3" and DH is 6'1". I like tall men. It makes me feel more dainty. *wink*

An Island Life

damozel said...

I have noticed this myself. I think it looks cute, especially when they walk together. As for me, it's not something I've ever paid that much attention to. My late husband wasn't much taller than I am, but I remarried a man who is 6'2. For my own part, I wear three inch heels to work because I don't like looking up at men!

Anonymous said...

Nicholas - If you fly on a smaller plane (I can't remember which one), the best seat is 13D. There's no seat in front of it. I occasionally reserve that seat when I fly between Calgary to Houston and I always get the tall people shoot envious looks at me.

But, yeah, first class is better. I've been missing it since my company changed the travel policy. *tear*

Suprina said...

I am 5'9 and my husband is 6'1. I am the tallest girl he has ever dated.
He usually dated women between 5'2 and 5'5.
Great List!
Happy T13!

TinaGerow said...

That's a riot, Ann :) Great post!


pussreboots said...

DH is 8 inches taller than me. Happy TT.

J.C. Wilder said...

Where is my personal favorite - 'he's a tall tree to climb?' :)

TJ Michaels said...

I'm all of five-foot-four and a quarter (yes, I am claiming the 1/4 inch!). My ex isn't much taller than I am, but I'm so totally looking forward to tucking my head under somebody's chin!



jheri said...

I'm on the other side. I'm 190 cm, which is just under 6'3. I round down to 6'2 because women round down their heights and men round up:-)

I gave up on requiring the guy to be my height or taller a long time ago because if I have that restriction there are so few guys that I might miss other qualities that are really important to me. My height restriction is that he shouldn't be more than a head shorter than me because it is hard to hear and walk at the same time. My best relationship was with a guy who was 5'9.

I'm pretty happy with my height, but wish that more things fit:-)