Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Shadow of a Doubt is in trade paperback!

I just got word today that Shadow of a Doubt, my romantic suspense, is now available in trade paperback from Cerridwen Press!
Blurb for Shadow of a Doubt:
When Liz Ramsey, a detective with the Hartersburg, NC Police Department is called out in the middle of the night to investigate the murder of a prostitute, she expects the investigation to be unpleasant and possibly difficult. She doesn't expect to meet the most magnetic man she's ever encountered. Nor does she expect the strange twists the investigation will take, leading into some of the darker byways of the human psyche. And nothing could prepare her for the heartbreaking decision she'll eventually have to make to solve the case.
Four Stars from Romantic Times
"This psychological thriller had me ripping through pages at the speed of light. Every time I'd think I had things figured out, I'd be thrown a curve. A must read, but be sure to read it with the lights on." ---Kathy Boswell, Romantic Times
Order it here.

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