Monday, February 11, 2008

Things I have learned over the last few days

Tweaking a novel takes longer than a novella. Yes, that should have been a given... I realized the reason it's taking me so long to tweak this new story is because this novel is about double what the last couple I've written were.

When your head is all stuffed up, and you can't hear, it makes you less likely to hear whiney children.

On the flip side, when your spouse's throat hurts, and you can't hear, he gets irritated about having to raise his voice.

Strong winds can blow a little Honda out of its lane.

Not everyone loves your writing and your worlds. Accept it and move on past.

Mechele aka Lany of Melany Logen


TJ Michaels said...

I absolutely love this post! My response to everything you wrote is 'CAN I GET AN AMEN!'



Anonymous said...

I learned that the most important thing about writing is that I be happy with it. If others like it, that's a bonus.

Karen McCullough said...

That last line is a hugely important one every writer needs to learn!

N.J.Walters said...

All very important things to know.


Mechele Armstrong said...

*smooches TJ* and Amen.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Ann, another great point. I'm amening you.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Karen, isn't it though?

Mechele Armstrong said...

NJ, I second that Amen.