Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guest Blogger : Vonna Harper

Hmm. I'm sitting here half brain-dead and wondering where the phrase busier than a one-armed paper hanger came from. Probably never have that answer but boy does that describe me right now.
Okay, so the deal is, I'm known to erotica readers as Vonna Harper and much as I love that moniker, there-in lies the problem. I've never thought of myself as an over-achiever but I am obsessive-compulsive about meeting writing obligations. That a bit of blind luck has me looking at three erotic releases between now and the end of March. (Oh, did I mention, I'm going to be in an Aphrodisia anthology the end of April and have a single title release with the same publisher in June?)
Yep, big deal and I'm stoked, but boy is my plate full. Not only do I want and need to get the word out which calls for the promotion tap dance, I also have a multi-book contract to fulfill for Kensington to say nothing of edits on two manuscripts and a romantic suspense idea that absolutely refuses to shut up and give me some space and sleep.
The three quick-step releases is a mix of blind luck and being in the right place at the right time. I'd sold what I think is an absolutely rocking shape/shifting story called BloodHunter to Samhain that'll be an e-release on or about March 25th. Oh yeah I loved writing about a half man/half jaguar and the wildlife photographer who's first look into those sexy eyes has her needing to jump into a pool of ice water. How do I know? Because that's how I feel about Nacon. Sigh. Slobber.
While I was on countdown to BloodHunter's release, unknown to me, Pocket Books editors were looking at a pile of Ellora's Cave novella length releases to incorporate in a number of anthologies as part of a contract agreement between the two publishers. To my delight, two of mine were picked up. Night of the Cougar (damn but I done good with that title IMO) will be out Feb. 19 in the Road Trip To Passion anthology. Virgin Afternoon is in Good Girl Seeks Bad Rider coming out March 18.
I've seen the covers and they are indeed different. I'm interested in seeing how they're received because they're nothing like the yummy covers under the Kensington Aphrodisia imprint.
Oh, and in my spare time I'm completely revamping (with professional help thank you very much) my web site Now all I have to do is take the MySpace plunge for my brain to totally blow up.
Where was that glass of wine?
Vonna Harper, certifiable.


Cathy said...

What a great year this is turning out to be for you, Vonna. Lots of great releases to look forward to, I've got my eye on the Samhain release,Blood Hunter. Hey, and I like the new look of your website.

TJ Michaels said...

Yep, you certainly are busy. Congrats on all the news.

limecello said...

Haha - you sound so busy! Good luck with all of that and congratulations on all the new books/projects!
As to myspace... I hate it :X. I can't stand it, and for a social networking thing much prefer facebook. But that's just me.