Monday, November 5, 2007

The Waiting...

This should be my theme song:

(Can you believe how young Tom Petty and Mike Campbell look on this?)

So much of being an author involves long hours writing, writing, writing, and it seems like almost as many hours waiting, waiting and waiting some more.

You wait to hear back from your agent or editor whether they like the proposal or book. You wait for the contract. You wait for the edits. You wait for the cover. Then you wait for the book’s release. And finally… A few days of excitement and happiness. Then you wait for the reviews and the feedback.

Meanwhile, you’ve likely sent in another proposal or book and you’re waiting, waiting…

1 comment:

Mechele Armstrong said...

Ah yes, the waiting game. You always hurry up to submit...only to wait and wait on everything else.

And yes, Tom Petty looks so young in that.