Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm way too happy

Veterans: Nothing to Lose released yesterday from Loose Id.

You ever have a story where the words flow like butter melting? And everyone who reads it, says, "Wow! That's hot."? That's Nothing to Lose.

I fell in love with my tortured hero, Richard *dreamy sigh*. And of course Bryan *2nd dreamy sigh*. And I'd love to be friends with Niki.

Not only was it a fun story to write, I got the chance to work with Bobby Michaels, Liz Andrews, and Rachel Bo, connecting all four novel(llas) in the series. It's a loose connection, but I'm so awed I got to work with these three very talented writers. Rachel Bo is a name I heard when I first discovered writing erotic romance. Liz Andrews is another that I've heard over my time in the industry. And Bobby Michaels writes hot m/m, including the Jock Dorm series.

Have I gushed enough? LOL. Yes, I'm very excited about this release. I'm always excited to see one of my babies come to fruition. But this one is rather special.

Mechele Armstrong aka Lany of Melany Logen

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