Friday, October 12, 2007

Shop 'Til You Drop!

My sister is visiting, and for two solid days, we went from store to store to store to store shopping.

I freely admit, that in our family, she got all the shopping genes. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the bookstore, grocery store and thrift shops as well as the next girl. But that's where it ends.

I honestly can't find any joy in going through every rack in a store and loading up on stuff to try on. When I clothes shop, I find something I like and buy multiples. If I have a top I like, you can be certain I have it in several colors. I find a pair of jeans I like, I buy several pairs. You get the idea.

And shoes! Don't get me started on shoes. *NJ ducking flying shoes*

I just didn't get the memo on why women like shoes so much. I can't wear heels--those are instruments of torture, not footwear, especially for someone like me who has had foot problems since I was a kid. Can you say fallen arches! I can never seem to find what I want--plain, sensible shoes, sneakers, and boots.

But the fact remains that my sister does enjoy it and I enjoy being with her. We don't get to spend as much time as we'd like together these days. We're a 5 and 1/2 hour drive from one another, so with work and commitments and such, we see each other about three or four times a year.

So, while I'm not particularly enamored of shopping, I put on my sneakers and shopped.

Not that I actually enjoyed the shopping, mind you, but because the company was great. And my sister's enthusiasm for shopping made me forget my aching feet!


nascarandbeans said...

sounds like fun though, i would love to have a sister that i was close to. I have 3 half sisters that are much older than i am, and they never accepted my dad or me, so i tell everyone im an only child. They were out of the house by the time i was old enough to remember them. They still only live about 30 miles from me but i only hear or see them at christmas at my moms. One sister flew the coop over 20 years ago and ive only heard or seen her 3 times since..
I do have a best friend here that is my "sister" and we do lunch and some shopping but its hard with kids and work...
p.s. i agree with you on the shoe thing.i dont wear heels unless im tortured into it...Jolene

N.J.Walters said...

My sister and I have always been total opposites, but we've always been fairly close. I also have a brother who is ten years younger than me who I'm close with as well. We're a small family, but a close-knit one.

It's good that you have a best friend, Jolene. It's fun to do lunch and shop with another woman. (Please note that I consider going to the bookstore shopping. *g* )

TJ Michaels said...

Girlfriend! I do FEEL you...literally. I went to a ball on Saturday night and the dogs were seriously howling by the time I got home and uncurled my toes out of those damned heels ;D