Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Live Readings

Come join me as I give four live readings from my works, through the magic of the Internet. I'll be reading in the virtual world of Second Life, at the Burning Embers Carnivale. (Once in Second Life, you can teleport to Endellion 172, 178, 24 to reach the Caves where the Carnivale is being held. I'll be reading in the back...)

Readings will be at 7pm SLT (Second Life Time) (10pm EST) on Wednesday and Friday. And noon SLT (3pm EST) on Saturday and Sunday.

It's always hard to judge what to read at one of these events... do I read the same things at all four sessions, or four different things? Focus on a single book each time, or read bits from multiple books? Do a bunch of short, 5-minute readings with space in between for comments and questions, or a couple of long readings?

Maybe I'll prepare all the options, and ask folks at each event what they'd like to hear. :-)

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Mechele Armstrong said...

Now that is cool. Good luck and have fun!