Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Promo time! Reincarnation, time travel and ...

... toss in a wise-cracking telepathic dog and you've got Endurance, Book 2 in my History Patrol series. It released last week in download over at Cerridwen Press.

This book is in first person male POV, which was really fun to write. I also had fun with Cerberus, the dog. He's a major character in the book and helps guide the hero, Nico Haidess, through the potentially deadly traps laid for him and the heroine, Lucinda Delacroix.

You see, Nico has been trapped in time by an immortality virus, stranded without the one creature he loved, his shapeshifting History Patrol companion, Persa. When Cerberus tells Nico that Lucinda is the reincarnation of Persa, the plot really thickens. Nico is a paid assassin and Lucinda is his target.

Oops. Lucky for Nico Cerberus was there ... or was it just luck or intervention by a Higher Power? Hmm.

In the course of the story Cerberus, Lucinda, and Nico all discover their destiny while tracking the bastard who infected Nico. And while doing so, they all discover some other important qualities like love, trust, and compromise. It's a fascinating journey for them all ....

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