Thursday, December 27, 2007

A book and a book reader!

Two exciting things happened this Christmas: I got a Kindle and I have a new book out.

I'm not sure which I'm more excited about.

First let's talk about the book. If Not For You is the story of a business-drive CEO whose life is turned upside down by an independent free spirit who 'accidentally' enters his life.

Accident? Or planned? Max Lerner knew that Layla Whitford was thrown into his path for some reason, but why? What do they have in common? He's a Suit from Tieland and Layla -- Layla is like an act of nature, a tornado who sweeps him up and leaves him breathless. Who wants them to meet and why?

I'll give you one hint: you won't see this one coming. You might suspect who might be involved, but you'll be left shaking your head saying, "Now wait a minute ... isn't that too much of a coincidence? If he met her and ... oh, wait. Now I see. Oh, yeah. Okay. Wow."

At least that's the reaction I got from my critique partners, my editor and others who've read it. {insert smug smile here} I think it's a doozy.

And speaking of doozies: the Kindle. I was drop-jawed surprised when I got that one. My DH heard Jeff Bezos talk about the Kindle on Charlie Rose one night and he bought it the next day. My DH knows that (1) I am a gadget lover and hence would love this gadget and (2) I plan to stay in e-publishing for the long haul since I believe it's the future of publishing.

So .. the Kindle. I have barely scratched its surface, so to speak, but I am impressed. The resolution and ease of use is nice. The possiblities are legion. All I need is the hack to get Cerridwen and other publisher's books to load into it. There's no way I'm sticking with just "Kindle" books ... too limiting. Once I get that hack, look out. My Ebookwise reader may have to retire. Until then, though, I'll have 2 devices that I use.

What a fun Christmas ... gadgets and books.

I are happy.

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