Saturday, September 17, 2011

The dust has settled ...

... and I am back. Not back to 'normal', of course -- we're in a new house, a new town and I have new routines that haven't been developed yet. But I am back to having regular Internet access and I'm slowly getting into a schedule.

I work at home now (telecommute to my job back in Minnesota and California), so that's been an adjustment. I truly love working out of a home office. Of course, I enjoy my job, so that helps a lot, too.

My other life as a fiction writer has been slowing down. I used to try to write at least an hour or two a day, but now I'm happy if I get an hour a day of writing-related activity, whether it be writing or promo or whatever. It seems like there is always something else that requires my attention -- new house stuff, or new town stuff, or new friend stuff.

I think in the winter I'll get more of a writing routine again. That's when I get all my best writing done anyway, so I'm starting to look forward to it. Let's face it, I had 8 books release this year: 4 new books and 4 re-releases. All before June. So I'm fatigued, I guess. I'm going to spread out my releases next year. One in January, one in May, one in October.

I think that'll keep me busy enough!

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