Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Legacy Found available from Samhain Publishing!

Today is the day! Legacy Found, my 50th book, is now available from Samhain Publishing. I can't tell you how exciting I am about the release of this book. It represents a huge milestone in my life and in my writing career. Plus, I love this story!


She outran her memories. She couldn’t outrun her past.

Legacy, Book 3

Shelley is a killer. Never mind that her “crime” freed her from thirty-five years of brutal captivity—the bounty hunters on her trail don’t care. For the first time in her life, she is on her own, free to put the past behind her and explore what it means to be a werewolf.

James Riley is dead tired. After a week untangling legal and financial affairs his brother’s death left behind, he’s feeling every ounce of his new responsibility as Wolf Creek pack alpha. He’s not too tired, though, to notice his sexy waitress is a werewolf—one that strangely doesn’t recognize him as one of her own kind.

After his questions rattle her composure and get her fired, Shelley figures the least James can do is drive her to the next town, but he wants more. He wants to take her home. And despite her fear, something inside her is irresistibly drawn to his commanding yet gentle presence.

James is willing to give Shelley all the time she needs to embrace her heritage, her sexuality, and eventually his love. But her past will not be denied...and her secrets demand a price paid in blood.


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Karen said...

Congratulations, NJ! Fifty books! That's awesome.
-- Karen McCullough