Saturday, March 19, 2011

A question of balance

Like so many authors, I'm making a foray into self-publishing by uploading some old titles of mine. One book is out there -- it was called "Forgiveness" but I changed the title to "Penance" (my first choice for the book but I was overruled). I uploaded it last week. I hope to have the second book in the series uploaded soon and the third book in another month or so.

I figure this is a win-win for me. The rights were returned to me on these books, and I'm not out-of-pocket much (just the cost of cover art and formatting). I haven't done much promotion yet for the book(s). I hope to get to that once the Great House Hunt settles down.

Yes, we're hunting and we thought we had the perfect house. Sweet little layout, nice property, yada yada yada ... then we met with the owner and he gestured grandly toward the pasture in the distance. "That's where they say they might build the highway, but they've been talking about that for 30 years so ..."

SCREECH. Yep, we ground to a halt. My husband (bless him) immediately started calling the DOT, the mayor, the Planning Commission -- so small feat since we live in Minnesota and the house is in Iowa. The bottom line? The road will be built. Maybe 5 years, maybe 10. Maybe sooner. No one is sure.

So it's back to house hunting, which is a nice diversion from promotion, which is a nice diversion from house hunting. Maybe I'm finally getting this whole 'balance' thing figured out. It's just a matter of juggling the right kind of balls at the same time ....

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