Saturday, February 19, 2011

How nice to be back

I took a month off (in a way) and just spent the time writing and doing a little bit of promo for my book(s) that released.

I also redesigned my web site, making it a web slog--web site blog combination (see it here). I hadn't planned on redesigning my web site, but hosting issue meant I lost my old site, so I had to do something, and that seemed like a good idea.

I also started a regular gig blogging at two or three different sites. I blog at Savvy Authors and at the How To Write Shop as well as From the Heart Romance Writers. Each of them, once a month. That's always fun.

And, of course, there are the books to talk about. It seems like there are always books to talk about. Leap of Faith is the 3rd book in my New Human series (and it got a 4-star RT review, which thrilled me)!

Lie to Me is the 4th book in my RS series that started with Brilliant Disguise, a few years back.

And I have 3 more books (at least 3) releasing this year: they start in April then there's one in May, and one in June. Plus, if I get organized, I'll have 3 more old books (whose rights reverted to me) releasing in digital and print on Kindle, etc.

So much for time off!

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