Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blogs, time management, and life

For some reason, the way it worked out, I blogged three times last week and a couple of times this week, at various spots. I either set up blogs somewhere to be released, I blogged that day, or I had a scheduled blog release.

I was at a writer's meeting and we were talking about social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and I mentioned scheduling blogs and tweets. Most folks hadn't heard about that, so I told them how it works and many folks had a "wow" moment -- you can blog when YOU feel like it about something that you're curious about, schedule it, and let it go when you need a blog. What a great convenience!

I think people often feel tied to their computers because they "should" do something at a certain time, but scheduling makes life so much easier. In fact, I'm off to schedule some blogs right now!

In case you're curious, here's where I blogged last week: I had a Tarot card reading for one of my characters. This is SO cool. I blogged at Savvy Authors about the changes in publishing, at Dorchester, etc., and what I thought it meant to readers (probably nothing). blogged at Star-Crossed Romance about why I write paranormal fiction (because I'm sick of politics).

I scheduled all of those ahead of time, in some cases weeks in advance. I take advantage of any time saver I can. There's a lot of them out there -- find them an use it to help you manage your precious free time!

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