Saturday, August 15, 2009

a learning plateau

I'm at a conference this weekend and it's proving to be a good learning experience, not because of what I'm learning from the presenters but because of what I'm learning about me and conferences.

I need to re-think why I'm coming to them and what I want from them. I'm a published author and my needs are different than a lot of the people here. I haven't really thought seriously about that in a few months, but it came home to me last night when I looked at the schedule and realized I wasn't sure which sessions might be of use... if any? I'm not sure.

It is fun to be in a different place & be among people who care about writing, but many folks herehaven't written a ms yet so there's a real variety of questions in the workshops. And somehow I got scheduled into a pitch session which I didn't plan on -- with an agent. I have nothing prepared so I'll just chat with her and see how it goes. Not a big deal...
All in all, an unusual weekend. I have to admit, it's making me rethink what cons I'll attend in the future. I need to take a serious look at my career plans and decide where they fit. All part of my learning process for publishing.

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