Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coming Friday: Kyle's Bargain

Kyle's Bargain
Ellora's Cave
Available May 22, 2009

Meg Travis is desperate to save a shopping center.
Kyle Harrison’s future depends on razing and rebuilding it.
Meg tries to talk him out of it.
Kyle’s not impressed.
Meg tries blackmail and offers to sleep with him to get his attention.
Kyle offers a bargain—two hours of his time for a night of hers, in his bed.
She agrees—as long he won’t press charges.
He agrees—as long as she submits to his punishment instead.
She accepts.
He listens.
She takes his punishment and ignites in bed.
Sparks fly. Heat blazes. Irritation turns to respect.
They want more of each other.
Meg has a disabled sister who depends on her.
Kyle has mortgaged his future for the shopping center.
Her ex-fiancee couldn’t handle her commitment to her sister.
His late wife manipulated him.
She has submissive leanings.
Kyle likes dominating women and does threesomes.
Meg is shocked but intrigued.
Love blossoms.
They work on a solution to the shopping center problem.
They struggle for compromises on the other issues.
Their baggage still threatens any long-term relationship.

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