Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Covers!

I've gotten two fantastic new covers in the past week:

The first is for KYLE'S BARGAIN, a forthcoming release from Ellora's Cave.

Blurb: In a desperate attempt to save the small strip shopping center that houses her own bookstore and a few other small retailers, Meg Travis tries to blackmail developer Kyle Harrison into going with her to talk to the people his project is about to displace. He offers her a bargain. He’ll give her two hours of his time if she’ll agree to spend a night with him in his bed, and he won’t press charges if she’ll accept the punishment he proposes. He refuses to tell her what that penalty would be. Both honor their promises, but neither is prepared for the attraction that blazes between them in the process, turning duty into joy and punishment into pleasure.

Read the first chapter here:

The second is for WALPURGIS NIGHT, which was originally released as part of the EQUINOX 1 anthology and will be re-released by Ellora's Cave as a stand-alone novella.

Blurb: In 10th-century England, Norse invaders have begun to settle down and intermingle with the Anglo-Saxon residents. On Walpurgis Night it's expected that all adults will do their part to ensure the fertility of the land by indulging in sexual activity. Healer Fianna has been warned she must choose a partner for the night, but she doesn't like any of the candidates available in her town. When forced to make a decision, she selects Henrik, a visiting Norseman who’s come to watch the festivities.

They have a sizzling night together, but then he departs. Later, when Henrik's brother is wounded, he forces her to come and treat him. Fianna's not sure she can save the gravely injured man, but agrees to try. The situation forces her into close proximity with Henrik, and neither can resist the sexual attraction and growing love between them. But Henrik has long planned to leave the area as soon as his brother is healed and able to take over Henrik's responsibilities.

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