Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring cleaning (no, not that kind)

I've been updating a new Itouch calendar app, transferring info from my Palm to it. What a pain -- no easy way to do it, so I'm doing it manually. This is a Good Thing, though (as Martha Stewart would say), because I'm weeding out as I do so.

But boy, does it bring back some memories! A concert here and there, a death, a funeral, a wedding ... all are noted in my auxiliary brain, my PDA. I've used a PDA for almost 10 years now, since before they were really small, and I have a ton of info on it. I've waded through old appointments and am now on "Milestones".

One thing this has done is make me appreciate a publisher who releases ebooks and print books on the same day. The amount of 'double promo' I had to do for books is amazing -- every month I'd have a book 'release' because I have 3 publishers. No wonder it felt like all I do was promo-promo-promo! My schedule has gotten so much less hectic since then.

So I highly recommend spring cleaning -- it can give you a new perspective on things you're taking for granted. Of course, CLOSET spring cleaning .... now that can give you an unpleasant perspective as you realize some of those summer clothes don't fit.

Off to the gym!

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