Saturday, February 21, 2009

And more purdy covers ....

Yeah, I know -- mine don't have nekkid people. But I still love it! Here's where it's available in download. And here's where it's available in print.

The cover has all the elements of the book: the sandy beach, the rope used to kill the male model, the glass of wine (from the bottle that almost killed the heroine), the feral cat found on the beach.

When I put in a cover request, I always say "no people, especially no naked people." I don't write R-rated books. Mine are what I call "sexy cozy" mysteries, or, as my tag line says, "Mystery with a touch of romance; romance with a touch of gray."

This book is the second in my Fatal Writers' Conference series and takes place at ClueCon, a fictional mystery conference I created. It's loosely based on a combination of RT and Sleuthfest -- and I mean LOOSE. ClueCon is all about the Clue board game, so the writing awards are the Miss Scarlett (best erotic mystery), the Professor Plum, etc.

I had such a blast devising this conference and all that goes with it, not to mention having a blast killing off a publisher, an author and a few other folks. You see, that's why I like to write mysteries. I get to do in anybody who annoys me.

My list is long and I plan to keep writing for a long, long time....

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