Wednesday, September 3, 2008

An old book in a new skin: the orphan finds a home

The first book I sold (as Every Rose Has Its Thorn) is now out in print (as Candy, Corpses & Classified Ads).

This was my Triskelion orphan, so I'm especially pleased it's finally out. I got the contract offer on Sept. 5, 2006 and it's just now seeing the light of print. Yay!

Here's the blurb and buy link (

When JT McCord jilted Molly Lawford she survived and moved on to marry twice. But her first husband died and her second husband ran off with a hairdresser. Molly gave up on romance and settled down in Tangle Butte, Minnesota, as a small town reporter.

Now JT is back in town as the Chief of Police. His first official act is to investigate how Molly's thought-to-be-vanished husband turned up buried next to the septic tank in Molly's back yard, dug up by a neighbor's marauding pig.

Molly sets out to solve that mystery with the help of Mr. Sex's Ladies (her book group), her newspaper editor, Tarot reader and some color-sorted M&Ms. If she can survive a couple of attempts on her life she might find the love of her life—all because of a pig and some plumbing.

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