Wednesday, June 11, 2008

PROMO: for those who attend writing conferences

The first book in my "Fatal Writers' Conference" series kicks off this month with Autographs, Abductions, and A-List Authors (buy it here if you are so inclined). It stars B.R. Emerson (a.k.a., "Ralph"), who's an up-and-coming author. Ralph goes to a writing conference in Abilene where she asks a Big Star to autograph a book. The Big Star promptly falls over dead.

Ralph and the Big Star are in contention for a writing award, the coveted Silver Stylus, so Ralph is naturally under suspicion at first. Later, when she's almost killed during a cattle roundup, the detective in charge of the case, Lucas Remarchik, realizes she might be a target.

The book weaves its way through a writing conference replete with rapacious agents, snarky editors, backstabbing authors, and concludes with the award ceremony -- or does it? Perhaps more action happens afterward and the drive home from the conference ....

I had a lot of fun writing this book because I threw the rules out the window and wrote whatever the hell I wanted, and it shows. Especially fun was the chance to have the heroine observe all of these publishing insiders and express opinions about them. Not that her opinions are mine, mind you, but it was still fun {wink}.

The next book in the series takes place at a writing conference in Florida and is titled Sun, Surf, and Sandy Strangulation. The conference there is an odd mix of RT and a mystery con (based on the Clue board game), with a cover model contest, workshops, and a touch of the Mafia thrown in.

The third book is in progress and takes place at a writing retreat. I bring together many characters from the previous books and continue the story of Ralph and her hero. It's proving to be as much fun as the other books.

I hope all who have endured (or enjoyed?) writing conferences will get a big kick out of these books. I sure had fun writing them!

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N.J.Walters said...

Love the premise for this book. Sounds like a lot of fun! Congrats on your release.