Monday, October 13, 2008


It comes in many forms. One of the things I love about attending conferences is that they always seem to inspire. They make me think about the industry and/or about stories and figure out where both are going.

I attended the James River Writer's Conference this past weekend. I had a good time and really enjoyed the speakers. I learned a bit and stared considering my career and what I want to do over the next year.

David Balducci was Friday's speaker. He's really funny and an inspiration. Sent his book, Absolute Power to six agents. Six agents wanted it. I couldn't help but think...all I need is one. One will do fine! LOL. But I digress. I enjoyed listening to his stories. He had one about being on a train LOL and discussing poisoning. I'm going to have to find that book.

Adriana Trigiani was Saturday's speaker. I could have listened to her, too for several more hours. She's a very funny, gregarious woman. And very giving. When she was being told it was over, she kept saying, "I don't feel like I've done enough." Her advice, "Finish the damn book!" She said you can do anything once you finish.

I enjoyed seeing several of the agents in action. And several speakers. The panel on first page critiques for Fiction was interesting. The seminar on Romance was so much fun. I definitely feel inspired to start the "next thing."

Amazing how a few days with other writers refills the well.

Mechele Armstrong aka Lany Of Melany Logen


Unknown said...

Sounds like it got the creative juices flowing. I will have to keep my eyes open for these speakers.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Marissa, they both were really good. I was impressed. i've not read books by them and hearing them made me want to. It was a great conference.

N.J.Walters said...

Sounds like a really inspirational conference, Mechele.

Mechele Armstrong said...

It was NJ.