Monday, May 11, 2009

Joie de vivre

I went to an amusement park yesterday with the kidlets and the hubby.

My youngest was tall enough to ride another coaster. She's hoping to be tall enough by the end of summer to ride the last two coasters there. We rode two of the ones she can ride multiple times and one once.

The oldest rode her first coaster and was so proud of herself.

It reminds me how much joy children find in just living. As an adult, I sometimes get so wrapped up in the job, in the routine, etc that I forget how much joy there can be in living. I forget to stomp in puddles. To stop and smell a pretty flower. To pat the cat. To rub the dog's belly. Catch snowflakes on your tongue.

I hate having to be reminded (and not just my kids remind me) but I love it when I am. It helps to take pleasure in the simple things.

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N.J.Walters said...

Sounds like fun, Mechele. And a great reminder that there is fun to be had every single day.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Thanks NJ and yep it's a good thing to remember.