Monday, April 13, 2009

Glitch or not, it's troubling

Tina/Cassie posted below about the whole Amazon debacle. It's a mess.

It has definitely ignited the online world.

Every September/October, I try to do a lot of postings on Banned Books Week. It's a cause I believe in strongly.

One of the things that has been pointed out on numerous blogs is the incongruity of the appliance of the adult policy (which may or may not be Amazon's policy, they now say, "glitch" in response to why the books have been desearch engined and deranked).

Violent books such as the Dexter series and others weren't affected. Now, I enjoy the Dexter series both in book and on TV. But there's a lot of murder and mayhem happening in these books. Is sex really that much more objectionable than violence? The books that were affected, are they really more offensive than a serial killer torturing his victims?

Not to me.

And therein lies the problem of censorship. Everyone has things they find offensive. Where do we draw the line? My line is here. Your line is over there. Her line is way over there. Whose line do we take?

I sincerely hope that this Amazon thing is a glitch and they get it fixed posthaste. But I also hope that people will continue to talk about censorhip and book banning and realize that it does still happen. And it's no more objectionable when done by Amazon than it is when done at a public library or a school library.

Mechele Armstrong aka Lany of Melany Logen

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