Monday, February 9, 2009

Friday the 13th

No, not the horror movie :).

My kidlets realized that this Friday is Friday the 13th. They both went "Ahhhhhh! It's unlucky."

Now it started me thinking. Where does this come from?

Neither of them is old enough to know or have seen the horror movie of the same name.

I will say, I'm a superstitious person. I knock on wood, think things come in threes, blah blah. The hubby laughs at me.

But I can't remember ever having bad luck on a Friday the 13th or being particularly upset about it coming.

I started researching Friday the 13th to see if I could find the origin of the thinking and there is some dissension as to when the idea started that it's bad luck and also why. Some says it's a recent thing. Others credit the arrest of the Knights Templar on a Friday the 13th. Others say oral tradition had 12 as complete, while 13 was irregular, and Friday was bad luck. So blend the two, and you have the start of a superstition. Others credit the Norse.

Honestly, I've had more bad luck on Valentine's Day than any other day *blinks*I can think of. Someone is usually sick (stomach flu on year, ear infections one year and more) or gets terribly hurt (the youngest kidlet fractured both wrists on Feb 14th when she was 4).

What do you all think of Friday the 13th? Myth or reality? Why? And do you have another bad luck day?

Mechele Armstrong aka Lany of Melany Logen

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