Monday, June 9, 2008

Think before you hit send

I’m constantly amazed by the way some authors conduct themselves online. Very few seem to have stellar online presences that actually appeal to readers.

I started thinking of rules to live by when going online.

The internet has a long memory. Nothing is ever permanently deleted. Once you put it up there, it lasts forever, either by copying or staying in caches.

Think before you hit send.

Private email/forums/loops are NEVER private. Only vent to a person you’d trust to NEVER share. Luckily I have a couple of people I trust not to share. Or better yet, vent to your significant other or your cat in real life. My cat is a lot of things but she’s never going to tell anyone my deepest rants.

Think before you hit send.

Never argue with a review of your book. They may have completely not gotten the story or the characters. Vent to the cat, thank them for the review, and move on.

Lurkers could be the person you’re venting about or their best friend. You never know who is reading.

Think before you hit send.

Everyone on the internet has a long memory. And, they will remember what you put out there. If it’s things they don’t like, that could interfere with them being a reader of your book. Being mean doesn't nab you readers.

Think before you hit send.

Any other rules? I think we need a list out there on the internet with the long memory about how to act.

Mechele Armstrong aka Lany of Melany Logen


N.J.Walters said...

Amen, Mechele. Words to live by.

One of my rules is to always treat everyone with respect, whether you agree with them or not. Not only is it polite, and good karma, you never know who you're really talking to. Like you said, the internet has a long memeory.

Mechele Armstrong said...

That is a great rule NJ. It amazes me how many people don't do that.

Tim Puckett said...

This is so very true. The thing that normally gets me is typos. Oh by the way, your website came up when I hit the next blog in blogger. :-)